Warranty Services

2 years warranty within the EU

Every Citizen watch purchased from an authorized partner comes with the Citizen Warranty Booklet and a 2-year warranty supplement for the EU member states.
In the absence of a watch, Citizen will provide you with a repair free of charge within this 2-year warranty supplement if the watch has been purchased in the EU member states.
The 2 year warranty supplement for EU member states is only valid with the international warranty certificate.

1 year international warranty

Citizen grants a 1 year warranty on each watch with completed warranty certificate from the date of purchase. The watch will be repaired free of charge by the Citizen Service Centres in case of defective material or faulty workmanship.

Warranty conditions

The warranty applies to defective material of the watch or faulty workmanship.
The warranty is valid within the respective warranty period from the date of purchase.
Warranty is only granted by Citizen Service Centres and with a fully completed and stamped warranty card.

This guarantee does not limit the claims of the end-user against his supplier (specialist dealer). The private end user is entitled to the statutory warranty claim against the specialist retailer.

Warranty exclusion

Please note that the warranty repair does not include the following items:

  1. damages after the warranty period has expired
  2. damage caused by incorrect handling, modification or faulty repair.
  3. damage caused by fire or other natural disasters.
  4. Failure to present the warranty card.
  5. damage to watch glass and strap.
  6. battery (in case of quartz watch)
  7. incorrectly completed warranty card.

Please note the following points:

  • Porte, insurance and other costs that may be incurred in addition to the normal warranty repair costs shall be borne by the owner of the watch.
  • Watches purchased abroad are also repaired. However, a longer repair time than usual must be expected.
  • We reserve the right to refrain from any obligations under this (repair) warranty in the event of any intervention or damage to the watch by services other than those authorised by CITIZEN.
  • For quartz watches, the first battery used has already been in use since manufacture, so the battery life may be shorter than that stated in the operating instructions.
  • In the United Kingdom, this warranty does not affect any of the applicable statutory rights of a consumer.

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