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Caliber J210
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Promaster Eco-Drive Professional 1000m diver's watch BN7020-09E

The BN7020-09E is the world’s first light-operated diving watch suitable for saturation diving. The new flagship of the Promaster Marine collection uses a wide range of Citizen technologies, resulting in robustness and even greater water resistance.

A diver’s watch, which is to be suitable for 1000m saturation diving, must not only undergo the water resistance test, but also a test in which the diver’s watch remains 15 days in a pressure chamber containing helium and oxygen or 100% helium gas. It is then returned from the pressure chamber to the atmosphere outside the pressure chamber within 3 minutes and is exposed to 125 bar during this high-speed decompression. This requires the best materials and advanced technologies.

For the BN7020-09E the Super Titanium IP technology Duratect DLC & MRK was used to achieve a maximum of robustness and comfort.

The BN7020-09E is equipped with an Eco-Drive, which makes it independent of batteries.

Unidirectional rotating bezel / steady rest locking mechanism

The bezel of the Promaster diving watch is unilaterally rotatable in accordance with the ISO standard for diving watches. This increases safety, as there is now no longer any risk of the diver accidentally turning the bezel in the wrong direction during a dive. The Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m model is additionally equipped with a back rest locking mechanism.

Bright hands and indexes for high visibility

The photoluminescent markings of the PROMASTERs absorb light quickly and remain bright for a long time. The hands are coated with luminescent material in the largest possible area and a number of colours were tested before we chose the most striking. The luminescent material we use for this model has more than double the afterglow brightness than conventional material, even after 5 hours.

Warning by conspicuous colour

If the lock of the bezel is set to FREE, the orange color element that becomes visible will warn the user. The crown also has the same mechanism and shows orange color between the case and the crown if it is not correctly pushed into lockout mode.

First ISO-compliant 1000m diver’s watch with a light-powered 1000m diver’s watch

The Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m model has the ISO certification of a diving watch, which is also suitable for saturation diving at great depths. The pressure equalization valve at the 10 o’ clock position of the case releases gas into the watch during saturation immersion to prevent damage or breakage of the movement.
Thanks to the Eco-Drive technology, there is no need to change batteries regularly. The power reserve indicator informs divers about the remaining battery power so that they can enjoy the dive without worrying.
In order to prove the even better practical functionality, CITIZEN conducted independent tests in cooperation with JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), Japan’s Marine Research Agency, for evaluation and validation. The impact of high water pressure on the model’s water resistance and the visibility of the dial with its luminous elements in deep waters were examined.

Design – Inserted by the turban shell

The Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m takes its design inspiration from the shape and structure of a turban shell. The durability and strength of this form has been tested to the limit to produce a professional diving watch with a water resistance of 1000 meters.

Sapphire Crystal (Anti-reflective coating)

The Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m is assembled by watchmakers of the CITIZEN Group. We have assigend a team of experts for the manual assembly of the glass and the housing. The process is so complex that only 35 clocks per day can be completed. For this work, the watchmakers go into a dust-proof clean room and join the various components together. The most difficult task – closer to art than to craftsmanship – is the connection of the 7500 micrometer strong sapphire crystal (at its strongest point) to the case.

Model Description

Caliber Type
Power Reserve
Case Form
Case Colour
Case Features
Bracelet Material
Bracelet Colour
Bracelet Features
Dial colour
Arm Circumference
Bracelet Length


Water Resistant

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for BN7020-09E

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Top Qualität grossartige Leistung Kompliment an die Entwicklungs Abteilung.
    Würde die Uhr immer wieder kaufen !!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christian Locchini

    prodotto fantastico, specifico per uso professionale ma non disdegna l’uso quotidiano.
    grazie alla costruzione in titanio e a dispetto delle apparenze, un carrarmato dal peso più che accettabile.
    funzionamento perfetto, preciso, e progetto e realizzato in modo perfetto.
    materiali di primissima qualità ed assemblaggio (fatto a mano) secondo le più alte specifiche giapponesi.
    un vero gioiello votato allo sport e alla vita sportiva di tutti i giorni.
    per apprezzarlo non è strettamente necessario utilizzarlo in acqua.
    con gli adattatori Suppa parts e il relativo bracciale in titanio diventa il TOP.
    soddisfattissimo e felice di possederlo.

  3. Review Citizen Promaster Aqualand Pro Diver BN2039-59E - SaFonaGastroCrono

    […] funciones más destacables son:-Detección de golpes, un elemento que Citizen introdujo ya con el BN7020, permitiendo que el circuito integrado se pare tras un golpe, evitando que el mecanismo sufra […]

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