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Reaches every place in the world.

Works in all 40 time zones
The range of CITIZEN Satellite Wave GPS covers all 40 time zones of the world. * The Satellite Wave technology receives
GPS satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000 kilometers to determine the correct time and positional data.
Time to display your exact location. In the desert, on a snow-capped mountain top or in the middle of the mountain.
Sea, you can get the correct current time for each location.
The range in the time zones can vary from model to model.

Synchronizes to the time of the place you are at.

Precise and accurate time, wherever you are
Imagine driving across a continent like Australia or the United States, where you have multiple time zones in the
the course of your journey. Wherever you go, Satellite Wave GPS synchronizes with GPS satellites at the touch of a button,
to acquire position data and a time signal. It uses this data to find out in which time zone you are in.
and synchronizes your clock to the correct time of your current location. Even if you are using multiple
Time zones, you can always be sure that your watch displays the correct local time.
*Some models only receive time signals.
*Determination of position data requires at least 30 seconds. The changeover to summer time must be done manually.

Just 3 seconds for the time. 30 seconds for place and time.

The signals sent by GPS satellites are based on a total grid, which in turn is divided into five partial grids.
With Satellite Wave, you can choose whether you want to receive “Position data and time signal” or “Time signal only”. * To
to receive both position data and a time signal, you need all data from the overall grid. This requires at least
30 seconds. In order to receive only the time signal, at least one partial grid is theoretically generated in a time period of 6 seconds.
required. Because our Satellite Wave technology is able to calculate the correct time based on only the first 1.2 seconds of a 1.2 second satellite wave.
Partial grids, it only takes three seconds (including the time needed to find the GPS satellites),
to get the correct time. CITIZEN is the only company in the world to offer this fast synchronization time of
has reached three seconds.
*Some models only receive time signals.

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