Shock Counteraction Funktion

Whether at sea, on land or in the air, any obstacle-stricken environment carries the risk that your PROMASTER watch is exposed to shocks and the hands are moved out of position. be brought to you. CITIZEN developed the company-owned Shock counteraction function to solve this problem. As soon as the watch is subject to a collision or severe shock is exposed, an electrical signal is sent to the Motor skillful to block the rotor temporarily and to prevent the hands from slipping. The whole process takes only a thousandth of a second, which means that the watch prevents any time deviation or corrected the time before the collision occurred. have ever noticed! A professional sports watch must always be the correct time independent of extreme conditions. Display conditions. That’s why the shock counteraction function is so precious.

Automatische Zeigerkorrektur

This function comes in for the unlikely event that the hands deviate from the correct time. It checks the position of the hands in regular intervals. distances and corrects them automatically in case of an error back to the right position. The combination of these function with the Shock-Counteraction function means, that your watch maintains its accuracy in environments, where they are exposed to shocks and shocks is.

Altimeter und Kompass

The PROMASTER altimeter can measure from -300 meters up to 10,000 meters above sea level – higher than any mountain on earth. Once activated, the altimeter continuously measures your altitude for five minutes and then delivers every three minutes. in the next 12 hours automatic measurements, so that you can concentrate fully on climbing. without having to carry out any further manipulation. All important information is stored in the analog and digital is not displayed in digital format, so that no switching from the important time display is necessary to check height or orientation. exposed to the mountains, you can experience unimaginable cold temperatures of experience. But however extreme the conditions may be, you as a mountaineer need to have access to time and space available. Altitude information. For PROMASTER we have developed an ultra cold environment in which we have carried out extensive verification tests performed. Here we have successfully proven that Altimeter and compass of the watch also at – 20°C to continue working properly. You can rely on this professional Sports watch even in rough and cold regions forsaken.

Depth Meter

In 1985 we made the world’s first diving watch with a depth gauge with electronic sensor before. Since then, the PROMASTER depth gauge has developed further developed. The water pressure sensor (at the 3 o’ clock position on the housing) must only have two seconds should be in contact with water for a long time before it automatically starts the water depth up to maximum to measure 70 meters. It is also possible to set the time while the current depth and maximum depth are displayed. depth can be displayed. By the fact that no effortless switching between modes more necessary, divers have to dive during the dives. both hands free at all times.

Perpetual Kalender

For models equipped with the above calendar, it is no longer necessary to manually change the date in months with 28,29 or 30 days until the year 2100.


Some of the new Eco – Drive models use an engine saving feature that automatically works under certain environmental conditions. The Power Savee function switches itself on automatically in low light conditions (<5Lux), indicated by the stop of the second hand. This ingenious measure enables an engine saving of almost 70%. In addition, the power save function also switches on when the watch is stored in the dark for 3 days. In this case, the other hands and date display will also stop. The clockwork continues to run in the background, saving up to 80% energy. As soon as the voltage of the memory cell reaches a certain level, the power save function will not supply any more energy until the watch is exposed to light again.


Daily alarm: alarm alarm recurring in 24 or 12 hour system. Appointment alarm: Quickly adjustable terminal arm. Time zone alarm: One or more alarm times for different time zones. Time zones adjustable.


Timer (countdown): Set time runs backwards to “”0″” and an alarm is triggered. sounds. Adjustment minute by minute up to 60 minutes, in some cases 12 – 24 hours. Regatta/Yacht Timer: Startup time can be set up to 60 minutes in steps from 5/3/1 minute. The sequence is signalled by alarm signals to the residual-time of 5/3/1 minute and then every 10 sec. last 5 sec. every second accompanied. After the start lead time has elapsed, automatic startup starts automatically. A new start of the lead time or a start of the Stopwatch. Race Timer: Stopwatch function with lap time measurement. The lap length is entered in meters. With a Lap time measurement is automatically set to the full scale. the cutting speed is calculated. Up to 90 laps and the finish time can be saved. The fastest lap is calculated.


By type of watch in units of sec. up to 1/1000 sec. possible. Measuring times from 60 min. to 100 hours possible.

Split time (intermediate time): Sectional measurement measured from the start time. Lap time (lap time): Timing of individual laps. Finish time: End time measurement. Split time/Lap time memory: Saves 9 to 90 results.


If the set max. depth is exceeded, an alarm tone sounds.


If the set dive time is exceeded, an alarm tone sounds.


If the alarm sounds, an alarm will sound if the alarm is turned on too fast. Until 1994 18 meters per minute (US Navy Standard). From 1995 onwards 9 meters per minute (Int. Diver Ass. Standard).

Speicher - Max. Tauchtiefe

Max. Diving depth is stored and is available at any time, also available during diving.

Batterie Entladeanzeige

Second hand jumps in 2 sec. Rhythm: Secondary battery charging required. The clock needs light. The second hand does not run again until the watch is sufficiently charged.


Higher (dark) power reserves (depending on the current) work type up to 7 years) are determined by a Energy-saving circuit achieved. Works with a power saving circuit with absolute darkness the movement of the Hands off. The electronics process the Time schedule continues. As soon as the lights come on again, Dial falls, the hands run onto the dial correct time.

Gangreserve Anzeige

The power reserve indicator or charge level indicator displays the remaining time until the stop motion of an Eco-Drive watch and indicates the following so that information about whether and when the watch must be recharged. When Power reserve is the time that is used to calculate the power reserve. a watch is running without winding it up, or to reload it. In addition, there is a warning function for insufficient charge.


Super TitaniumTM

Titanium has excellent natural properties: lightweight, skin-friendly and resistant to rust. On the other hand, however, its softness and softness make it an excellent choice. and viscosity very difficult to process. Through processing technologies, which have been developed over decades, CITIZEN is able to produce beautiful, glossy and shiny surfaces. surfaces, as well as clean and sharp edges. By application of our proprietary Duratect® surface hardening technology. Super TitaniumTM, a material five times harder than stainless steel. Super TitaniumTM resists scores and scratches even under rough conditions Conditions to which divers and climbers are exposed. Unique and unique for PROMASTER, we have developed models in which two technologies are used, namely Duratect MRK and Duratect DLC – combined for maximum load-bearing capacity were.


ISO 6425/DIN 8306

The international diver’s watch standard ISO 6425, which largely complies with the DIN standard 8306 specifies which requirements a professional diver’s watch must meet.
However, very few manufacturers have their watches certified according to the standard.
Waterproof up to 200 meters or more, only a full hundred values are allowed.
The preselected time period and the second hand (or other function control) must also be visible in the dark.
The watch must be antimagnetic in accordance with DIN 8309: After the influence of a magnetic field of 4800 A/m, the deviation must not exceed 30 seconds. per day.
It must also be shock-resistant in accordance with DIN 8303: after impact at 4.43 m/s, the deviation must not exceed one minute per day.
The watch must survive 24 hours in warm salt water without visible traces.
The closed bracelet is loaded with 40 kilograms for one minute without loosening or bending.
The crown is loaded with 0.5 kilograms from above in 25 percent of the specified depth for ten minutes. Afterwards, a Condensation water test.
At a depth of 30 centimetres, the watch is set to 40 degrees for ten minutes, then ten minutes at five degrees, then again for 10 minutes at a temperature of 40 degrees. 40 degrees Celsius. Then the condensation water test.
The watch must spend 25 percent of the specified depth for 1 hour, then 1 hour at 0.3 bar vacuum. Afterwards, the following occurs a condensation water test.
Condensation water test: The watch is heated to 40 degrees. Then one minute a cold, damp cloth or a drop of water is applied to the surface of the fabric.
the glass. After wiping dry, there must be no condensation on the inside. DIN 8306, unlike ISO 6425, places demands on accuracy: e. g. average deviation between -4 and +6 seconds/day. (for chronometers). DIN 8312 other mechanical watches < 90 sec. /day. Only when the watch meets these 12 criteria does it qualify for ISO 6425 certification!

Full Metall Case

In 2003, Citizen presents the world’s first radio clock in a full metal case. This Citizen technology (FMC) ensures optimum protection of the movement and water resistance up to 20 bar.

Mono Block

Optimum protection against water, dirt and dust. Housing and base are manufactured in one piece by injection moulding process.

Einseitig drehbare Lünette

The bezel of the Promaster diver’s watch is in agreement with the ISO standard for diving watches, single-sided rotatable. This increases safety, as there is now no danger to the environment. more insists that the diver holds the bezel during a dive. Dive accidentally turns in the wrong direction. The Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m model is also available as an option. equipped with a steady rest locking mechanism.

Verschraubte Krone

The screwed-in crown guarantees absolute waterproofness of the PROMASTER watch. Since the pin of the crown is attached with is threaded, the crown can be damaged when not in use. tightly screwed together and do not accidentally get damaged. turn.



The king among the watch glasses is undoubtedly the sapphire crystal. Chemically speaking, sapphire and sapphire crystal belong to the corundums, the formula is Al2O3. A sapphire crystal is very scratch-resistant because of its great hardness, but is also sensitive to impact. Production: Sapphire glasses are produced synthetically using the Verneuil process. hardness grade Characteristics: The sapphire has a hardness of 9 Mohs. The Mohs hardness 10 diamond is almost 5 times harder than the sapphire. Nevertheless, there are very few materials that are harder than sapphire. In fact, a sapphire crystal can only be made from one diamond and one diamond. materials such as tungsten carbide, silicon carbide and boron carbide are scratched! Practical experience has shown that sapphire glasses do not break more easily than mineral glasses despite the greater hardness. However, with very sharp objects one should not point to a sapphire crystal.


Non Decompressions Tabelle

Mostly printed on the tape, shows how long in table: can be submerged to a depth, without having to do this at the time of the upsurge. must be decompressed.

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