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Citizen Promaster Blue Angel - Born to fly

The Blue Angels is the U. S. Navy’s elite flying squadron known for its precision and elegance, reflected in each of its manoeuvres. This precision and elegance is also reflected in the Blue Angels radio-controlled watch. Other functions include a chronograph, perpetual calendar, four time zones, 2 alarms, countdown timer, dial illumination and UTC display, power reserve and the rotating calculator ring for the pilot.

Deviation: One second in 1,000,000 years.

It always shows the right time. 3…2…First…. Happy New Year! With a radio-controlled clock you can be sure that you will receive your personal New Year’s countdown on time. can start. The atomic clocks, from which radio clocks receive their time signals via fixed radio towers, are equipped with an astonishing deviation of only one second every 1,000,000 years, absolutely precise. By synchronizing with the the most accurate existing time source, your watch will always show you the exact time.

The correct time. Automatic Every day

Manual time setting is no longer necessary. Setting the time manually is a nuisance. Either you have to watch the clock after the time announcement on the radio or after comparing with the smartphone. If you forget this, your watch will start tracking. Radio technology takes this work off your hands and makes your life a little bit easier. Once a day, it automatically receives a time signal on the basis of an atomic clock and updates itself to the right time. Radio clocks receive radio signals every day, synchronize itself in time, day and date but only late at night to detect possible interference with the signal from smartphones and other electronics during the day.

Receives signals in 4 geographical regions

The radio technology is based on the reception of a time signal of channels in four different regions: Europe, North America, China and Japan. Applies to the world multiband models. The concentric circles, which display the time signals in the map, serve only for illustration and illustration. do not show actual areas. Different models have different ranges and receive signals from different transmitters. Reception can be influenced by local topography, building and weather conditions.

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