Series 8

Series 8

CITIZEN presents three new mechanical watch models with magnetic resistance

Series 8 is CITIZEN’s collection of functional and practical watches with a modern, sporty look. We are proud to announce the relaunch of this collection with the release of three new mechanical models – 870, 830, and 831. These models feature our Caliber 0950 and Caliber 9051 movements equipped with magnetic resistance to ensure peak performance in today’s digital society.

Series 8 – Caliber 0950 movement


Improved magnetic resistance and thinner movement

With their modern, dynamic styling, Series 8 watches suit any scene, from business occasions to casual days off. The brand’s line-up is packed with practical features including magnetic resistance to protect the watch against magnetic fields in everyday life, as well as a supremely comfortable fit.

Series 8 watches feature a contemporary case design with clean, straight lines and an uncluttered layout. The bold combination of simple styling and a matte hairline finish with a multitude of fine lines provides a modern, sporty look. Watch functions have a strong emphasis on practicality, utilizing the Cal. 0950 and Cal. 9051 mechanical movements newly developed in 2021.

In addition to these new movements, the watches also have enhanced magnetic resistance essential for our modern digital society, providing protection against magnetic fields generated by smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can affect the accuracy of the watch. The movement is just 4.1 mm thick, resulting in a thinner case and an extremely comfortable fit. The figure 8 in the Series 8 name represents infinity (∞), expressing the infinite possibilities of CITIZEN’s craftsmanship.


Series 8 – 870 Mechanical

New model with a dynamic two-piece bezel design

The case is accented by sleek lines and a dynamic two-piece bezel. The simple yet eye-catching design combines both hairline and mirror finishes, together with an uncluttered dial featuring clear, highly visible index markers and hands. The bold, clean design of this model was inspired by the art of subtraction. The watch features enhanced magnetic resistance in a thin case, providing both a solid presence on the wrist and an extremely comfortable fit.

The bold hands, a distinctive feature of mechanical watches, together with the clear indexes create a simple, stylish design with high visibility.



Series 8 – 830 Mechanical

Three-layered dial with mother-of-pearl and metal layers for a fresh new look

This model features a fresh new look combining a metal lattice with a mother of pearl layer on the dial. The dial has three layers – a metal dial on the bottom, a mother-of-pearl layer in the middle, and a metal lattice with index markers on the top. This innovative dial design creates a delicate pattern. The design provides an attractive contrast between the straight edges of the octagonal case and the clean lines of the watch face. This watch evokes the spirit of the Series 8 collection with its understated style.

Two models are available – choose from a stylish silver or modern grey case.


Series 8 – 831 Mechanical

Standard model with an octagonal case and simple dial

The 831 model has the same eye-catching octagonal case as the 830 model, but with a simpler monotone dial. The stylish hands taper off toward the outer edge of the dial, and the detailed index markers provide a dynamic look. The bold hairline finish of the bracelet with its clean, straight lines, combines beautifully with the simple design of the case.

The final design and technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
Introduction expected starting autumn 2021.

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