100th Anniversary Limited Models

What makes a good watch even better?

CITIZEN has been addressing this question since the company was founded 100 years ago. With our technologies and techniques as a watch manufacturer, we have continuously concentrated on the essentials of the watch and opened up new possibilities. Watches that are driven by light. Watches that are exceptionally flat, beautiful and precise. The production of ever better watches that are appreciated by people everywhere – that is the passion that drives us. Because for CITIZEN it is better to be something infinite.


100th Anniversary Limited Models

CITIZEN is proud to announce the launch of a special collection of Eco-Drive models designed to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The Limited collection consists of 4 models, all equipped with the light-driven Eco-Drive technology that CITIZEN has continuously developed over 40 years. Some models also feature other exclusive CITIZEN technologies such as Super Titanium™*, Duratect, radio-controlled technology and GPS satellite timing. A gold and black dial ring, used on all models, expresses the theme of the collection “Moment in which light is transformed into time” and symbolizes Eco-Drive.

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